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3D Images by Charlie Wolter


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3D Imagery

By education, I am an engineer, which makes me detail oriented and precise, and that’s how I work with my glass art.  If you had to name what I do, you’d call me a fused glass artist, but I am a fused glass artist with a twist.  Not only do I create glass art using frit, which is ground glass, I create my final piece by fusing several layers of glass, each of which has a different part of the image, to create the final piece which has depth and dimension.  When viewing my pieces, it’s like looking at a 3D photograph.


I love to experiment and try new methods, so I’m always pushing the limit with my work.  That’s the challenge to me.  It’s exciting to develop something new or discover a new technique.  It keeps my work exciting, and offers a challenge every time I go to my studio to work.