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3D Images by Charlie Wolter


Locally World Famous and Internationally Collected



Charlie grew up in a small farming community in Minnesota.  After high school he attended North Dakota State University where he played football and was graduated with a BS in Mechanical Engineering.  From Fargo, ND he moved south to Northern Illinois where he started his career in the aerospace industry.  His career took him from Rockford, IL to Arlington, TX, on to the San Francisco Bay Area, and then to Southern California where he met his wife, Joanie.


Near the culmination of his career, Charlie became aware of a need for a new rocket nozzle coating system to protect metal nozzles from erosion and oxidation.  Within a year, Charlie not only completed the development effort, but had the coating qualified for use on the guidance system nozzles on a new defense missile program.  That coating system has been baselined on several additional programs.


While living in Long Beach, CA, Charlie started working in stained glass.  He even made windows for their home and was commissioned to make windows for friends’ home as well.  In November, 2006, after several vacations to Sedona, Charlie and Joanie decided they had found where they wanted to retire.  Within a couple months they were homeowners and moved here in June, 2007.


Upon retirement, Charlie started a consulting business.  While busy with his consulting work, Joanie started to get heavily involved at the Sedona Arts Center.  She managed to drag Charlie along to a pottery class, but it wasn’t his thing.  His interest in the Arts Center grew, however, and he served on the Board until his consulting obligations became too great.


During the last several years Charlie developed an interest in fused glass, has bought two kilns and finds himself working on his projects in his home studio whenever possible.  His favorite type of work is creating images using glass frit and building in as much depth as possible to give them a 3D effect.  His new found hobby has also become his new found passion.


Charlie and Joanie recently moved to North Scottsdale and are becoming involved in all that the area has to offer.